quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010

Eu sou um d8!

Descobri esse quiz no Trollsmith, e aí está meu resultado:

I am a d8

You are a d8: You are the true adventurer! Dragons rescued, princesses slayed, and all that business while O Fortuna plays in the background. Your social calender is crammed with heroic deeds, and you've personally saved the world from ultimate destruction at least twice. You are reliable, perhaps a bit predictable, but overall a shining example of what happens when courage meets determination.

Ao menos não sou um d4...

Responda ao quiz em dicepool.com

2 comentários:

  1. Uahahahah! It's alive!!!

    "I am a d4" - Devious

    You are a d4: You are bright, perceptive, and driven. You would be considered a blessing to mankind, if you didn't insist on using your powers for evil. You are devious, deceitful, doubtful, and downright dangerous. Assassins can learn a lot from you. If your fellow party members knew how rotten you were, they'd go over and join the bad guys. Justified or not, you are meticulous in your ways: A poison for every person, and a dagger for every back. Much of your day is spent scheming or plotting. The rest of your time is spent trying to convince others that you're simply misunderstood.

  2. Eu tbm sou um d4.
    Acho q vc está em minoria aqui Corvuusss.
    Nós, os RUIM, vamos dominar o mundo ainda. Mwahahahah.. \o/


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